About Us

The Montgomery Volunteer Lawyer’s Program (MVLP) began April 2013.  The lawyer members of the Montgomery County Bar Association (MCBA) knew that low-income Montgomery County residents were often at a disadvantage in dealing with their civil legal problems simply because they could not afford to hire an attorney.  By instituting a program whereby these residents could face their legal adversaries on equal footing, the MCBA seeks to ensure access to justice for all.

The MCBA created the Montgomery County Bar Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose board of directors oversees the operation of the MVLP, to serve as the funding mechanism to support the volunteer program’s daily operations.  Through the receipt of grants funded by organizations such as Legal Services Alabama, the Alabama Law Foundation, and the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation, as well as contributions by local law firms and individuals, the MVLP is able to provide legal assistance free of charge to those in need.

Over 440 Montgomery-area attorneys give of their time and legal expertise – without cost to eligible Montgomery County residents – through volunteering at monthly clinics and help desks and accepting referral of clients for extended representation.  Without these attorneys’ willingness to render this free service, many low income residents would be forced to go into court on their own.

Many thanks to our funders, partners, and donors for making our program possible!